Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Move over BB Creams – CC Creams are heading to the UK beauty market!

Have you got your head around BB Creams yet? Well you better had, because CC Creams are now on their way! Having been alerted to their existence by British Beauty Blogger’s recent post, upon researching the market I’ve discovered that CC Creams (like their BB counterparts before) are already popular in the Asian beauty market.

Harnessing all the existing benefits of a BB Cream (moisturiser, skin repair, anti-ageing, primer, foundation, skin refiner and sun protector), CC Creams (which stands for Colour Control) will have a lighter consistency in a non-oily formulation – which is a bonus for those with oily skin who have found BB Creams to be too greasy.
chanel complete correction cc cream
Chanel Complete Correction CC Cream
(image credit: http://maddyloves.wordpress.com)

CC Creams will also offer a higher level of coverage (more akin to a foundation), contain more nourishing ingredients and a high SPF for additional sun protection, with a darker range of shades available as most BB Creams are only suitable for lighter skin tones (because of their skin-whitening origins in Asia).

Given the huge impact of BB Creams on the beauty industry over the past year, I’m anticipating the same hype with CC Creams. Hot off the mark is the Chanel Complete Correction CC Cream, which is yet to hit the UK beauty market but I imagine will be one of the first to do so.

It makes you wonder if DD Creams will be next to hit the market – perhaps increasing bust size while perfecting skin (see what I did there…?!).

Do you think CC Creams will be a big beauty trend?

Monday, 26 March 2012

Beauty brands: your power to make a change for the better

While beauty products may be considered by some to be a shallow and unnecessary indulgence, I think they play an extremely important role in a woman’s self esteem and confidence in how she portrays herself to the world. I know I for one feel a million times better about myself when I’ve styled my hair nicely and put on a slick of make up before leaving the house.

But the beauty industry has the potential to play an even more vital role in the lives of women young and old, as beauty brands have the power and positioning to talk directly to women and influence their perceptions of beauty ideals.

Dove is a pioneer in portraying realistic ideals of beauty and now its new campaign launched this week encourages girls and women to have a positive relationship with themselves and their appearance. With the strapline ‘Together we can make a difference. Dove brings self-esteem education to girls’, the initiative comes off the back of research which revealed that 53% of girls in the UK have avoided certain activities because they feel bad about their looks.

What I like about Dove’s campaign initiatives is that they don’t just talk the talk for the sake of marketing activity, they also walk the walk – the whole darned mile, in fact. Back in 2006 the company set up The Dove Self-Esteem Fund (DSEF), designed to inspire and educate girls and young women to widen today’s stereotypical view of beauty. To date, activity has included self-esteem programmes in schools and an investment of £250,000 to run one-hour workshops in partnership with the Beat Eating Disorders Association.

This really demonstrates how beauty brands can not only get their products talked about in the press but also really make a difference to the lives of the women they are selling their products to, and aim to make change for the better in society.

Another initiative in the pipeline is The Body Shop’s Beauty with Heart campaign. Aiming to ‘inspire individuals and transform the boundaries of beauty’, the initiative will encourage people to Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good. Launching in May, as yet it isn’t clear as to what the ‘Do Good’ part will entail - the main press so far has been about the ambassador of the campaign; Lily Cole.

The campaign may simply be a way to voice The Body Shop’s longstanding community and environmental projects or it could actively encourage customers to make a change as well - whatever those changes may be. I’m hoping it’s the latter, as this presents a real opportunity to encourage people to make a difference to their world, as well as sell more products.

An organisation that may well be worth beauty companies getting involved with is Campaign for Body Confidence. Co-founded by MP Jo Swinson (the same person behind the various complaints to the ASA which led to a number of L’Oreal ads being banned for being misleading), its aim is to create diversity in the models used in beauty and fashion advertising, along with responsible retouching of these images.

So far, BareMinerals has got involved by sponsoring the impending Body Confidence Awards, which will reward the brands, products, organisations and industry figures that are best promoting healthy body image. But Swinson seems to be making waves in this arena and I think that if like-minded beauty brands were to team up with Campaign for Body Confidence, together they could have a really positive effect on the beauty industry.

Do you think beauty brands can make a difference to our society?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Beauty trend: high fashion 3D nail art

One particular area of the beauty world that has been dishing out innovation with sheer abandon is the nail sector. I wrote a blog post back in May 2011 entitled Everyone’s Talking About Nails, and it appears that almost a year later, they still are!

Something that’s really caught my eye though comes from the gorgeous girly nail brand Ciate, which is launching its Caviar Manicure next month. Bringing high fashion 3D nail art to the home, the Ciate Caviar Manicure comes with a pot of teeny colourful ‘caviar’ pearls that can be poured onto freshly painted nails then gently pressed down. An accompanying tray stops the pearls going everywhere and a tiny funnel allows the pearl balls to be poured back into the pot afterwards.

I love, love, love this idea. Although I’m a little concerned as to what would happen if I absentmindedly chewed on a nail; maybe Ciate should bring out an edible sweetie version – a bit like the top of a fab lolly, yum!