Thursday, 26 January 2012

Editorial’s loss is the retail industry’s gain

I have watched with great interest over the last few years as magazine editors have upped sticks and left the struggling publishing world to take up creative positions at fashion retailers (Vogue’s fashion director Kate Phelan is now creative director at Topshop, ex-Grazia editor-in-chief Fiona McIntosh is consultant creative director at online retailer and Jeremy Langmead, previously editor of Esquire, is editor-in-chief at fashion retailer Mr Porter), and now this trend looks set to influence the beauty industry, too.

This month, fragrance and beauty brand Jo Malone has announced that Charlotte Stockdale, stylist and fashion director at ID Magazine, is taking up a new position as Style Editor at the brand. With her role described as ‘developing the brand’s image, contributing to campaigns and in-store experience and managing collaborations with young talent’, I think this is a fresh, exciting move for the beauty industry.

In an interview with Really Ree, Charlotte explained: "As a stylist I can see where we can be more textured and colourful. I see potential for new multi-sensorial shopping experiences that integrate smell, taste and sight and an opportunity for more interaction with customers."

As magazines have struggled over the last few years thanks to a continuing decline in advertising revenue (owing to both the recession and the boom in cost-effective online opportunities for brands), I had wondered what would become of the many talented journalists and stylists whose jobs were being axed and not replaced. So perhaps it is a natural conclusion for beauty companies to harness this creative talent to make their brand and store experience stand apart from their competitors and bring something fresh, stimulating and innovative to the table.

What do you think of this trend?

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