Friday, 20 May 2011

Everyone’s talking about nails!

I have loved watching the raft of innovation being launched in the nail sector recently – there have been some fantastic things going on that have made the market very exciting. Over the last couple of days a few blog/YouTube posts about nails have caught my eye, so I thought I would share them with you:

Sarah at I Heart Cosmetics introduces the new Elegant Touch Matte Nails with Gloss Art, which I personally think is a fantastic innovation and I will definitely be jumping on board with this one! I love how the gloss lets you create subtle nail art, for those of you who don’t want to jump into the nail art trend with full force.

Charlotte at CosmeticsCharlotte72 gets creative and shows us how to paint a tropical scene on nails. Nail art really has moved from the salon to become accessible in the home now and there are some very creative things coming out of this.

Helen at Just Nice Things looks at innovation in nails and discusses the saturation of beauty trends.

I really enjoyed this thought-provoking blog post and left my own comment on the blog, which said:
“I think the difficulty for beauty companies is the need to constantly bring new products to market. Not many markets have to launch innovation at such a constant rate, but because of the media’s – and therefore the consumer’s – desire for new, new, new, a constant turnover of new products is necessary in the beauty industry.

So, there are the companies that lead the way, generating genuinely new and exciting products or concepts not seen before. Then there are the companies that find it hard to keep up with constant innovation – either they don’t have the budgets for R&D or they don’t have the creative ideas.

So when a beauty product comes along that gets consumers leaping out of their seats and hotfooting it to Boots, it makes other companies sit up and say ‘oo, let’s do a crackle nail polish (or other fad product) too!’

Trouble is, it can take at least 6 months to produce a beauty product, so by the time it hits the shelves, everyone’s bored of it!

I reckon it must be a constant dilemma for beauty brands; do they jump on the trend and hope they get there in time before everyone’s bored of it, or do they let the trend pass them by and risk watching all their competitors launch their own versions and enjoy ongoing success with it? Tough decision.”

I would love to hear your own thoughts on this subject too - feel free to post your comments below.

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